A mobile blog created for India, its funny villages and my rants about them.

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»Tired of cricket, Rahul and bollywood | And if you'll excuse me ! slap yourself for it
(created: 14-10-2012)
»Why this mango man loves this banana republic | Why a mango man like me is happy being in this banana republic
(created: 09-10-2012)
»How my last bus ride was more kickass then Jackie Chan Movies| Don't read if you are in bus right now. After reading in enthusiasm you might kill a few co-passengers
(created: 07-10-2012)
»Why I write these shitty articles, when I know these are just shitty articles| A shitty article about why I poop them and don't even care to flush later
(created: 01-10-2012)
»How to be a good guy in my village with least effort| Jesus tried that twice but failed miserably both times
(created: 22-09-2012)
»Me And My Funny Indian Village| I'm not crazy by choice, my village drives me nuts, a typical Indian village
(created: 09-09-2012)
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